Portrait & Stage Photographer

Portrait & Stage Photographer

I'm an actors' photographer.


Everyone and each possible body, in its uniqueness, do convey beauty.


We are emphatic devices: our bodies act, tell stories, convey emotion.


Our chest racing upwards as surprise fills the air for a heartfelt memory; our head slightly bowed, the eyes looking up to the speaker with expectation; the tilted gaze of a lover who projects an entire life ahead.


I feel everyone is as beautiful as the emotions experienced while the snapshot is being taken.


It's my job to evoke or capture these emotions.

Trained in cinematography and performative arts. My areas of expertise are backstage and stage photography for show business, theatre and concerts, color correction and grading.


I've been a photographer and color grader for theatre companies all over the world, film and television actors; Photographer for shows, concerts, backstages; I've also did actors' headshots & books, events, corporate and advertising.